Highest Resolution, Flexibility, and Productivity

ThermoFlexX imagers offer the ultimate choice of resolutions. Any of the following resolutions can be provided: 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 or 5080 dpi, with automatic “resolution switching” matching laser optics to file resolution. ThermoFlexX 60 provides the option of a second imaging head (or this can be added later as your capacity needs increase) for phenomenal imaging speeds up to 12m2/h, or a full sheet imaging in less than 10 minutes.

Improved Plate Handling

ThermoFlexX 60 features the unique FlexTray, a detachable trolley that can be used to assist handling throughout the plate-room. Attachment to the ThermoFlexX is simple. The FlexTray becomes a fully integrated part of the system, facilitating automatic loading and unloading. This innovative automation streamlines efficient plate production, assisting operators to image plates easily with greatly reduced risk of damage.

Future Proof Investment

Your investment is naturally future-proof with the option to add plate transport into a Catena-E LED Exposure Unit and from there through the complete wash-out, drying and light finishing processes through Catena-WDLS. In fact, ThermoFlexX 80 can be a vital step towards fully automated touch free flexo plate making


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ThermoFlexX TFxX 60

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