Highest print quality

  • High resolution – up to 10 160 dpi
  • Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer
  • Very good durability for long print runs
  • Reliably reusable for repeat orders
  • High print contrast with an exceptional tonal range
  • Brilliant halftone gradations due to very fine halftone dots (< 20 micron)
  • Smooth vignettes

Efficient, reliable and fast plate processing

  • Wide exposure latitude combined with high intermediate depths
  • Highly productive and cost saving due to plate processing within 20-35 min
  • Reduced down times on press due to fast replacement of damaged plates

Excellent mounting properties

  • High transparency of base film
  • Good colour contrast of print relief
  • Excellent adaptation to different cylinders diameters due to very high flexibility of the polyester base

Suitable equipment

nyloprint® WF plates can be processed with nyloprint® processing equipment and all similar devices. nyloprint® WF-Q and nyloprint® WF-S are suitable with brush and plush washers as well as with tube types 09N and 10R. nyloprint® WF Digital plates can be used with all laser systems suitable for imaging letterpress plates.

Printing inks and varnishes

Suitable for UV and oil based inks and varnishes.

Washout medium

For washout only tap water is needed.

Processing information

A detailed description of the individual platemaking steps, as well as detailed information aboutprocessing and storing can be found in the nyloprint® User Guide.

High quality standard

nyloprint® printing plates are manufactured according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 standards and requirements. This process guarantees our customers consistent high quality products and services


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nyloprint® WF H 95

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